I'm Eva Johansen Correale, owner of Fokus Photography. Born and raised in Sweden, my work in fashion in the 90s took me around the world. Most of my time back then was spent in New York City, and life eventually landed my family in Carmel, IN.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. Only to prove this point, I'll share that I'm old enough to say that my photography class in high school involved time developing film and making prints in the darkroom! Creating an image from beginning to end, yet having it look completely effortless... that's what I love to do! 

I enjoy many areas of photography, but today I spend most of my time shooting senior portraits and content for small brands and businesses. While my first love will always be a timeless, heirloom portrait, I also adore capturing movement and genuine expressions in my senior photography. The results are always pretty and relaxed, never stiff or forced. My years in front of the camera made posing second nature and I feel like clear directions put people at ease and help them feel comfortable in front of the camera. A photo session should be fun, so we keep it light and try many different things! It's all about capturing authentic moments and relationships, no stress is ever on set. 

Fokus Photography came to life in 2015. I remain obsessed with the fundamentals of a great photograph: light, shadows, composition, and emotion.

As your Photographer, I will capture your poignant and sometimes crazy moments with creative twists that will remain timeless.

Fokus Photography

Fokus Boutique Photography is based in Carmel, IN, and offers high-end personal service from start to finish for clients who appreciate close, hands-on assistance.


Eva with Fokus has captured the essence of so many special moments for us.  She has the talent and eye to create beautiful images that are simple, elegant, and timeless.  She excels at portraits and catching the most delightful and spontaneous expressions.  She is professional, organized, and timely.  She is available to coordinate hair, makeup and clothing.  We can't wait for our 2nd upcoming senior portrait session!

the youngs

‘Eva has been photographing our family for nearly ten years. She makes you feel at ease in front of the camera and makes the process fun. Whether our was son blowing bubbles as a baby, playing in the leaves as a tot or riding his big kid bike, Eva has the gift of capturing ‘in the moment’ photographic milestones.’


“Hi Eva,
I wish I could tell you about every occasion when the wonderful senior picture session you conducted for N came up in our conversations with friends and family! You made that day very special for us in so many ways.  You included our dogs (alas, not very well behaved) in the photo shoot and even had an app to catch their attention, were so flexible about sites N picked in the neighborhood where he grew up..all of these memories warm my heart every time I flip through the album."


“Fokus came highly recommended for my daughter’s senior pictures and our experience working with Eva from start to finish far exceeded my expectations.  I returned without hesitation for my son’s senior pictures 3 years later and was just as impressed.  Eva has a gift for making her clients feel comfortable and at ease during the session.  She brought out the true personalities of my children which are captured in her beautiful photographs that I absolutely treasure.”

Stephanie cassman